C&NW Baywindow Cabeese

     Note the differences in these two Phase III rebuilds. X33, to the right, is the exception to the Phase III rule. Note the lack of the red rectangle backgrounds on the baywindow and the red body area below the window.  X29, to the left, is more typical of the Phase III style, but it lacks the sunvisors  over the windows!

Here, X32 sits outside the Hickory shops in the late 60's or very early 70's. The antenna on top generally meant that the cab remained all red, with no yellow baywindow. This hack was used by Bob Gantt, mainly from Hickory to points south. Photo by Ken Marsh.

Phase IV: Circa 1978-1982. Units completely Southernized. No sun visors. Retained the number but took on SR lettering and tiny CRN sublettering on the body sides opposite where the "SOUTHERN" lettering was. Reflector disc replaced by electric light at each end. Note the window frames are not silver, in typical SR style.

X25 in 1982 on transfer run from City Yard to John Sevier Yard in Knoxville, TN. Caboose has been thru the "Phase III" rebuild and completely Southernized, including paint and lettering. This photo was sent to me by I believe, Jack Wyatt.

   What is this? An exception to every rule!! Note the Phase IV "Southernization" of  X31, but pay attention to the yellow paint under the baywindow and, oh no, a radio antenna on top of a yellow belly !!

Exceptions exist to nearly every rule!

This pic was taken in 1980 at Oyama, NC by Matt Bumgarner.

     After Southern Railway retired its caboose fleet in the late 1980's, it is thought that no C&NW cabs managed to survive the torch. It is known that X25 and X31 survived into the Phase IV era, but we have no other evidence that other cabooses made it this far, or were even used in the X700-SR rebuilds that Hayne shops did in the early 1980's.  Oddly enough, a wooden caboose did survive until the late 1990's, but sadly enough, it was destroyed in 1996. For its story, click  on:

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