National Narrow Gauge Convention 2011
D September 7-10, 2011
    Hickory, NC 28601


Black and White Model Photography

3rd place: Jeffrey Boock, Waterfront scene on Sellios’ F&SM.

2d place: Mallory Hope Ferrell, #462 Lizard Head Snowshed

1st place: Peter Barney, Kennebec Central #1 on Randolph Turntable

B&W Prototype Photography

3rd place: Jeffrey Boock, 489 at Chama

2nd place: Franklin Adams, 463 washdown

1st place: Franklin Adams, EBT Roundhouse

Color Model Photography

3rd place: Peter Smith, #1 Shay crossing bridge

2nd place: Barry Dupler, Double header leaving town

1st place: Barry Dupler, Cimarron Mine and Trestle

Color Prototype Photography

3rd place: Barry Dupler, Bumblebee 473

2nd place: Tal Carey, Cass Heisler on wash day

1st place: John Schwartz, Durango and Silverton 486 & 473 in Rockwood CO

Computer Enhanced Photography

3rd place: Dale Kreutzer, Arrival at Hesperus CO

2nd place: Peter Hoehn, headed for Cumbres Pass

1st place: Terry Woolsey, Light at the end of Rock Tunnel


                   Rod Locomotives

3rd place: Mallory Hope Ferrell, Argent Lumber #3

2nd place: Gary Nichols, F&C 101

1st place: Pete Watson, 1:20.3 scale 0-4-0

                     Geared Locomotives

3rd place: Hanns Hirbliuger, 8 ton Shay

2nd place: Mallory Hope Ferrell, Mich-Cal #2 Shay

1st place: Pete Watson, 1:20.3 Shay

                Internal Combustion/Electric

3rd place:  Philip Gliebe, “Bert and Ernie”

2nd place:  Allen Littlefield,

1st place: Leslie Davis, San Christobal RR Railcar

                               Freight Cars

3rd place: Don Stenger, ET&WNC boxcar #408

2nd place:  Jim Dalberg, SRRL boxcar

1st place: Robert Harper, 3 Maine 2ft freight cars

                          Maintenance of Way

3rd place: Jack Thompson, D&RGW #5 Russell Snow Plow

2nd place: Mike Gray, D&RGW OU Jordan Spreader

1st place:  Hanns Hirbliuger, Work Crane and 2 cars


3rd place: Mallory Hope Ferrell, DSP&P, #600

2nd place: Bill Scobie, D&RGW 0548

1st place: Bill Griffith, ET&WNC bobber, #205

                            Passenger Cars

3rd Place: Bob Harper, 3 Maine 2 ft passenger cars

2nd place: Jim Burchell, 1:24 Business Car

1st place: Don Watson, Private Car

                              Favorite Train

3rd place: Jim Barron, Gone but Not Forgotten

2nd place: Jim Burchell, work train

1st place: Geoff Ringle’, F scale EBT train


3rd place:  Jim Kulchar, Coal Bunker

2nd place:  Jeffrey Boock, Big Horn Brewing Company

1st place: Roland Picard, engine house


3rd place: Jim Beatty, Oatmans’ Mercantile & Service

2nd place: Leslie Davis, wrong side of the tracks

1st place:  Don Railton, Nolan’s Cove at low tide

                       Operating Module

3rd place: RGS East Group, town and engine facility

2nd place:  EBT Group, Robertsdale

1st place:  Bear Creek Tramroad, Terry Hemsley & crew

                      Special Equipment

3rd place:  Leslie Davis, log broncs

2nd place:  Kevin Kuzman, Weismen engine

1st place: Mallory Hope Ferrell, Surry Parker Log Loader


3rd place:  Rick Perry, Lawndale combine with two right sides

2nd place:  Jim Burchell, Tall Skinny 0-4-0

1st place:  Jim Kulchar, Grizzly, man and dog


Joshua Yoakum, hobby shop

                          Southern Flavor

Muskrat Ramble

                              Best in Show

Don Watson, private car

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