National Narrow Gauge Convention 2011
D September 7-10, 2011
    Hickory, NC 28601

D Daily Schedule of Events
     Right off the bat, let us say that for those of you who have attended National Narrow Gauge Conventions before, the schedule will be along the same lines that conventions have followed for years now. No surprises whatsoever!

     For those who have not attended a Convention before, or like to have all the details spelled out right in front of you, a National Narrow Gauge Convention begins with Registration, which will open around 10:00 am on Wednesday September 7th in the entrance to the Hickory Metro Convention Center. Model contest entries will begin about Noon down the hall. Those registering early will have opportunity to visit some of the home layouts and model railroad clubs in the region on Wednesday afternoon.

     The activities part of the Convention will open at 6:30 pm on that Wednesday evening. The trade show, clinics, and modular railroads will run from then until 10 pm, after which the Convention Center will be shut down for the night. The following morning, these activities will begin again at 8:30 am, and run to noon. This will be the schedule through Noon on Saturday, September 10th.

     The times between Noon and 6:30 pm are your free time, to do as you please. There will be a set of home layouts open each day during the afternoon, with the layouts in certain areas being open on the same day, along with other layouts from other regions that want to be open more than one day. Of course we have a plethora of prototype activities to participate as well, so you might not get a lot of rest during the afternoon.

     On Saturday night is the closing ceremony for the Convention, where winners in the model and photo contest are announced, presentations are made for future conventions, and everyone is entertained. We do plan for everyone to laugh a while and enjoy some good music.

     This Convention may sound like a long event, as it covers four days, but you will find yourself wondering where those four days went when you are packing to leave on Sunday morning.
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