NC Origins of Abraham Lincoln

     As one of our greatest presidents, the very atmosphere that surrounds the legacy of Abraham Lincoln borders on legend.  To some, even the mere suggestion that Abraham Lincoln was born anywhere other than where traditional  history books tell us might seem absurd. 

     However, there is much about the 16th president we still do not know, even though countless books on him have been written.  Among the mysteries of the man are his beginnings, which include persistent stories of his illegitimate birth in North Carolina,  and the evidence that suggests Thomas Lincoln was given a ready-made family.

     "The Tarheel Lincoln" explores the past of Abraham Lincoln, analyzing the likelihood of his actual birth to Nancy Hanks and a prosperous mountaineer.  The story has traveled through the Appalachian hills for almost 200 years now, and despite vehement denials by those who had much to lose in the revelation, it remains a topic of lively speculation.

    "Honest Abe" Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. His supposed birth in a log cabin in the wilds of Kentucky is as legendary as Washington's apple tree.

   Persistent tales come from the North Carolina mountains that Nancy Hanks' son was not named Lincoln, but rather, Enloe.
    Wesley Enloe, pictured at left, is a purported half brother of the slain president.  Like Abe, he was exceptionally tall and lanky for his day, and the facial similarities are striking.
    Fortunately, his descendants exist to this day and many are more than willing to put their DNA to the test.
    Kennedy-Oswald, Jefferson -Hemmings, and now Lincoln-Enloe, the newest presidential mystery of the United States.

    Examining this possibility provides some satisfying answers to much of the mystery that surrounds his background, birth and early childhood.  For example, Abraham's striking physical, emotional and intellectual differences from Tom Lincoln, his promotion of North Carolina Democrats during his administration and his guarded approach to the circumstances of his own birth are all brought into better perspective after asking the question, "Was Abraham Lincoln a Tarheel?"

     The quest for Lincoln's origins is a fascinating adventure, filled with interesting historical individuals who played parts in this drama, either to clarify or cloud the true story of where a wily politician who became president, and left an indelible mark on the United States, got his start.

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