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     The Alexander Railroad began operations in January, 1946 with a steam locomotive rented from the Southern Railway. Within days, mechanical problems arose with this engine, and another steamer was brought in to handle traffic along the line.
     Unfortunately, this engine brought along its share of problems as well, and consequently, the railroad purchased its first diesel, a 45-ton GE centercab, shortly after operations of the railroad began. This seemingly simple move immediately rendered the Junebug Line as the first completely dieselized railroad in all of North Carolina.
      Throughout the years, more diesels have come and gone off the roster, each meticuously maintained and rotated into operation that allows both crews and customers the maximum benefit of both safety and reliability.
  The Alexander Railroad began operations in January, 1946 with a Southern Railway steam engine. Steam was used only for two weeks.
  Number One was a 45-ton diesel that immediately made the ARC North Carolina's first dieselized railroad. She served the line until August, 1946.
  Number Two was purchased in August 1946 and was a GE 44-tonner. She was the railroad's work-horse until 1972, when sold to Coors Brewery.
  Number Three, another GE 44-tonner came to the railroad in 1961. She is still on the active roster today.
  Number Four was an Alco S2 purchased in 1972. Due to her weight, she was sold less than a year later.
  Number Five, an Alco S1 was a purchased in 1973 to assist with growing traffic levels. She retired from the line in 1979.
  Number Six is an Alco S3 which came to the line in 1976. She is still in active rotation along the line.
  Number Seven is also an Alco S3, purchased in 1979 to replace Number Five. She is still in service on the roster today.
  Number Eight is an EMD SW-9. She was purchased in 1990 and is the strongest engine on the company's roster.
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