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Alexander Railroad Company
" The Junebug Line "
    A wide selection of industrial locations with rail access is available across Iredell and Alexander Counties. Ample infrastructure such as water, sewer, and natural gas are available in many areas.

    For more information, contact:
                     Ben Zachary
                     President & General Mgr.
                     Alexander Railroad Company
                     51 2nd Avenue N
                     PO Box 277
                     Taylorsville, NC 28681

    You may also call or fax us at:

                     (828) 632-2103  (phone)
                     (828) 632-3179  (fax)

     For an email address, please call the office
           (this helps us reduce automated SPAM)
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  The Alexander Industrial Park is one of many sites available for industrial rail access. Daily weekday service is provided along the railroad.