A Rock for Ambrose
Loyd Hoke, Jr
Loyd Hoke, Jr.

    Loyd Hoke, Jr,  columnist for the Hickory Daily Record, is a retired high school English teacher. His award-winning poetry has been published in college literary magazines.

     A 1960 graduate of Lenoir-Rhyne University, he also coached men and women's cross country and track at both the high school and university levels. An avid runner, Hoke has completed ten marathons and has held North Carolina age-group records in the marathon, 10-K, 8-K, and 5-K.

A Rock for Ambrose is his first book.
"Books about the Civil War so often center on epic battles and famous generals. A Rock for Ambrose gives us something different: the haunting story of an ordinary Confederate soldier who twice went absent without leave in a heartsick attempt to look after his struggling family back home. What makes this story even more compelling is that this soldier was a real person- Loyd Hoke's great-great grandfather Ambrose Hoke. Based in part on archival detective work, Loyd Hoke's marvelous historical novel evokes in rich detail the frightening months of the Confederacy's decline, when living conditions became increasingly desperate and Home Guards terrorized deserters and outliers with the threat of summary execution. Loyd Hoke's suspenseful narrative conveys the drama and hte pathos of a Confederate Everyman drawn by fate into a conflict not of his own making."

                                                                                                       - Peter J. Thuesen
                                                                                                        Author- Predestination: the American Career of a Contentious  Doctrine
Dept. Head- Religious Studies; University of Indianapolis- Purdue

"A compelling account of a North Carolina soldier's struggle. Based on the harrowing experiences of his great-great grandfather, Loyd Hoke offers a unique perspective of the grim realities of the Civil War for the common soldier ... disease, famine and the plight of his family left behind."

                                                                                                         -Mike Lassiter, Our Vanishing Americana

"Loyd Hoke's drive to finish his grandfather's search for answers about his grandfather Ambrose's disappearance during the Civil War opens a fascinating window into American history. History books rarely document the hardship and devastation wrought upon families and civilians during the Civil War. Without communications from their loved ones, adequate food, or pay, soldiers and their families were devastated and left desperate to survive. Hoke's documentation of his family's history and the hardship of the Civil War era make for a powerful and captivating book."

                                                                                                         - Greg Grenawalt
                                                                                                         Author- Destination Charlotte, the book
                                                                                                         President, Col. Wm. Bratton Chapter-
                                                                                                                        SC Society Sons of the American Revolution

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