ET&WNC Boxcar 434
Alexander Chapter NRHS
     Throughout the spring and early summer, chapter members installed the custom-cut siding around all four sides of the boxcar.  Did you know that these boxcars were some of the largest narrow gauge boxcars EVER used in the United States?
The photograph above illustrates how much original fabric still remains of #434. The roof and ceiling had not a single repair required  other than the sanding and painting of the metal. There was not even a hint of rot in that area. Notice also that the "single sheathed" boxcar was double-sheathed at the ends of the car.

The photo to the right shows one of the boxcar doors. Unfortunately, we had very little original fabric to work with on either door (one was missing entirely).
     (Photo at left) Unlike our C&L/Lawndale boxcar, the #434 door hangs from the upper rail rather than placing its weight on the lower rail. At the bottom of the door, it is restrained from flying off the body by three strategically-placed brackets (above)
(Left) Even old rotten pieces of wood have value to this restoration. Note the old vertical door stop to the left of the door opening. Though not apparent in this picture, it helps to note the exact spacing, beveling, and other nuances of the part so that we can maintain our restoration to the maximum degree of accuracy.
Left and Above, the newly installed cypress siding on the first side of the car was coated with Sherwin Williams' finest oil based primer, anticipating a nice coat of Boxcar Brown.
(Above), This shows the boxcar side painted, with the doors hung. We still have to add the door stop, a cross bar, a bottom support, and a grab iron to complete the door.
(Photo at right), The car has come a long way in a mere eleven months. We still have to add a lot of hardware (ladders, grabs, etc), but the work so far has been done with a lot of care and craftsmanship by the Alexander Chapter- NRHS.
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