Desperate Measures: Jesse James and the Klan Battles of Reconstruction

     Prepare for a history nearly lost to time by the non-fiction account of Jesse & Frank James, the White Brotherhood, and the resulting Kirk-Holden War of Reconstruction-era North Carolina.
     At nearly 200pp with dozens of maps and photographs, "Desperate Measures" was penned by a collaboration of award-winning authors Ralph & Julie Ganis, Jay Shouse, and Matt Bumgarner, this book will be a milestone in the early history of the James Gang and of North Carolina post-Civil War politics.
     Evidence of James Gang connections to the Tarheel State is backed up with genealogical research, census data, deed maps, court transcripts, and military service records. The research will reveal previously undocumented associations between ex-Quantrill Missouri guerillas and their Tarheel cohorts from famous units like the NC "Bloody Sixth."
      Calling themselves the "White Brotherhood," this desperate group of men will confront the Radicals and their champion, the infamous George W. Kirk, a former Union officer who commanded "Kirk's Raiders." The outcome of their battle will change the course of North Carolina history and leave a lasting legacy that remains to this day.

"I intended to go
     to North Carolina   
       and remain there."

                       - Frank James,
                         Gallatin Trial Transcript,

Discover the history behind landmarks such as the Eagle Lodge, Yanceyville Courthouse, and prominent churches of Alamance and Guilford Counties.

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George Kirk (right), seated with brother John and father Alexander circa 1865.

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