Secrets on the Mountain
Copyright 2001 by W.D. Washburn

      It is often said the Appalachians have secrets they will never yield. And until now, the dark and mysterious ways of the fabled moonshiner have been among the most tightly guarded of these secrets.  However, in this book, the author is able to document both the human side and the shady side of the legendary art. Meet a retired craftsman, his family, and his trade. Learn the basics of setting up a mountain "pot tail" , the purpose of the "worm", and of course, even the famous recipe. These hallowed hills may never give up all their secrets, but they now allow a tantalizing glance at one of the most storied characters of the region's history.  Softcover $14.95. 

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          Land of Discovery
Copyright 2002 by Adam B. Smith

     The small town story of unprecedented riches and discovery takes place in a rural farming community known as "White Plains." IN 1879, respected scientist William Hidden was sent by Thomas Edison to this area to look for platinum, but instead was credited with finding a mineral previously undiscovered, which became "Hiddenite."
     National attention was attracted and many mines were opened throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Thousands of carats of valuable minerals were mined over time, as a total of 66 mineral varieties have been found. More recent discoveries of the 21st century are so unprecedented  that geologists may have to re-write the text books. 90 pp.
Softcover $18.95.

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