East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad 
  Along the ET&WNC Volume IV: Freight Cars Part A

    Talk about your basic flat car! By the last days of the narrow gauge, No. 261 was the only original flat car left on the roster. All of the details of the car are clearly visible in this slightly elevated view, which shows the floor, end, and side. All lettering has long since faded away, leaving the epitome of weathering.

     Throughout the entire history of the narrow gauge, there were only three stock cars on the roster. No. 700 was the first of two cars built in 1926. The carriage of livestock was never big business on the railroad, but they did carry the occasional carload of cattle, horses, sheep, chickens, and even mules. The three early cars were retired in 1934, and the 700 series were retired in 1941.

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