East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad 
        Along the ET&WNC Volume IV: Freight Cars

                 Johnny Graybeal's epic saga of  Along the ET&WNC continues with his fourth release- Freight Cars Part A. All freight car data was initially planned to fit into a single volume, but so many new pictures, as well as reams of data, were uncovered that two books were necessary in order to provide justice to the subject.
                   This volume covers boxcars, flatcars, gondolas, and woodcars in details that you never dreamed of. Existing rolling stock is documented and photographed with such depth that will please both the modeler and historian alike.
                  Special chapters and appendices provide an all-time roster, complete with car specs, cost, construction details, and the various numbering systems used throughout the life of the railroad.

     The boxcars for the ET&WNC and subsidiary Linville River were essentially identical. Here are cars from both railroads, though the ET car is a 32' car, while the LR car is 36' long. The railroad listed usable feet instead of the actual length of the car. Boxcars were used for everything from fruit to lumber to cordwood.

     Gondolas handled everything that came in bulk commodities, including coal and gravel if it was consigned to a customer without a tipple. These gondolas sit in Elk Park during  World War II, waiting to be unloaded. Due to the crisis, the cars were not repainted when needed; instead, a metal board with the required information was simply nailed to the center of the car.

     Wood cars were used for exactly that…hauling wood. Cordwood and pulpwood was big business on the narrow gauge, especially in the later years. Essentially a gondola with a board missing, wood cars were most often painted boxcar red rather than the traditional black on gondolas.

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