Depots of the ET&WNC
  Along the ET&WNC Volume III: Depots

     Johnny Graybeal does it again! In Volume III: Depots, the in-depth presentation that all fans of the ET&WNC have come to love is on display in all its glory. From Johnson City to Elizabethton, from Hampton to Roan Mountain, from Elk Park to Cranberry, to the halls of the Montezuma (literally), this volume of Along the ET&WNC presents stunning information never-before published, as well as many photographs that have not seen the light of day for nearly a hundred years.

No stop on the ET/Linville River route is left untouched. Photos of Johnson City, Bemberg, Elizabethton, Cranberry, and Boone are of course covered in detail, but so are the facilities at Milligan College (above), Shell Creek (right), Townsend, Jestes Siding, and Pineola !

In addition to the rare photographs, scale floorplan drawings are provided for many stops, including Johnson City, Elizabethton, Blevins, Hampton, Shell Creek, Roan Mountain, Elk Park, Cranberry, Newland (left), Pineola, Montezuma, Minneapolis, Vale, Linville, Foscoe, Shulls Mills, and Boone. Elevation drawings are provided as well for the facilities at Johnson City and Boone (below).

At 198 pages, Graybeal provides an in-depth study of each stop along the line, beginning at Johnson City and ending at Boone. In addition to the details of the railroad buildings, you will learn about the rise and fall of each hamlet served by the line, and interesting facts that have only recently come to light. Learn about the early history of the lands surrounding Cranberry, the richest iron mine on the east coast. Find out how the former president of the Western North Carolina Railroad wrecked the early ambitions of the Linville River Railway, and of course, understand how the little ET beat the "Virginia Creeper" to Boone !!

Dozens of detailed drawings like the one of Shell Creek (left) are included in this must-have book. In some locations like Hampton, where two distinct buildings stood, both floorplans, as well as their dates of service are included for the historian and modeler alike.


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