East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad 
    Along the ET&WNC Volume I: Early Locomotives

Locomotive Number 1, (left) also known as the Watauga, sits in front of the Cranberry depot around 1895. This engine served the railroad until 1911. Richard Huddle Collection, via Lees-McRae College.

Locomotive No. 2, (right) also known as the Cranberry, is shown at Shell Creek around 1882, and is only a year old. George Allison Collection.

Locomotive No. 3, also known as the Unaka, is shown here (left) as a woodburner around 1882. This was the most powerful engine on the railroad for twenty years.  No. 3 was sold in 1911 to the Fosburgh Lumber Company. Ed Bond Collection.

The train crew poses in front of Locomotive No. 4 at Newland, NC, (right) around 1914. No. 4 was purchased new in 1902 for the ET&WNC, and was sold to the Linville River Ry in 1914. Cy Crumley Collection, via Ruth Tupper.

Number 5 (left) was built new for the ET&WNC in 1903, and was  sold to the Linville River Railway in 1919.  By the time this picture was taken circa 1915, she had been outfitted with a steel cab, smoke-box handrail, and two babies. Ed Bond Collection.

Train crews enjoyed posing with their engines, especially in some official-like pose. Number  6 is shown here in the late Twenties, only a few years before it was parked during the Depression. It was built in 1904 for the ET&WNC, sold to the Linville River Railway in 1917, and scrapped in 1937. Doug Walker Collection.