The 2nd & 3rd NC Mounted Infantries
Copyright 2000 by Matthew Bumgarner
     The mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina were deeply divided in their loyalties to Union and Confederate causes during the War of the Rebellion.
      Colonel George Kirk of Greeneville, Tennessee led nearly 2000 Southern boys against their brothers in battles at Warm Springs, Burnsville, Morganton, Erwin, Waynesville, Blowing Rock and Lenoir. After the war, Kirk returned to North Carolina to suppress the KKK insurrection, which was fighting the corrupt Reconstruction government and cemented his place in history. Mayhem, bloodshed and controversy followed George Kirk wherever he went. This is his story...

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My Face to the Enemy
Insights to the 6th NC State Troops
Copyright 2001 by Matthew Bumgarner
      The 6th NC State Troops, aka, "The Bloody Sixth," was the pride of the Tarheel State. Read about the major battles from the hand of Neill Ray, Captain of Company D. Feel the loss of Colonel Issac Avery, who scrawled a dying thought, "Tell my father I died with my face to the enemy" to his boyhood friend and compatriot. Experience the bitter taste of Reconstruction through the letters of Captain Ray to his former colonel, Samuel McDowell Tate, and finally read perhaps the most stirring Confederate Memorial Address ever given, penned by the legendary Tate.

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The Tarheel Lincoln
     North Carolina Origins of "Honest" Abe
Copyright 2003 by Jerry Goodnight and Richard Eller

     As one of our greatest presidents, the very atmosphere that surrounds the legacy of Abraham Lincoln borders on legend.  To some, even the mere suggestion that Abraham Lincoln was born anywhere other than where traditional  history books tell us might seem absurd. 

     However, there is much about the 16th president we still do not know, even though countless books on him have been written.  Among the mysteries of the man are his beginnings, which include persistent stories of his illegitimate birth in North Carolina,  and the evidence that suggests Thomas Lincoln was given a ready-made family.

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Looking for Lincoln:
     Amid the Rumors, Legends, & Lies
Copyright 2008 by Jerry Goodnight

     Two hundred years after Abraham Lincoln's birth, there are still families other than the Lincolns who claim Abe was one of them, while people in states other than Kentucky claim he was born elsewhere.

     Who were Lincoln's parents? What kind of man would become such a legendary figure? Where was he born? When will DNA testing be used to prove who he really was? Why do the rumors, legends, and lies persist?

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