The Carolina & North-Western Railway

From 1912 to 1972, the Hickory Shops were mostly overseen by Charlie Coffey or his son, Frank. Above, left, is Frank in 1998. At the top left of the right-hand picture, is Frank in 1928. His father  Charlie is in the lower left. Frank passed away in 2000.

The Hickory shops were built in 1912 after the old ones in Chester, SC burned. It was the most advanced shop between Salisbury and Asheville, and locomotives were completely overhauled at the facility. In 1923, locomotive #167 was built from the ground up in Hickory, and made its maiden voyage to Granite Falls.

     The shops consisted of a main "L" shaped locomotive house, a covered car shed in the rear, and a transfer table which transported the locomotives and cars to the correct storage and repair tracks (visible to the left of adjacent photo). Engines were turned on a wye rather than a turntable. What is that car under the cab to the right? Hmm… buy the book!!!

The last steam locomotive completely serviced at the Hickory shops was leased 2-8-0 #544, serviced in late 1947. Diesels were on the way, and most of these men would be out of job. On a roster that two years previously held nearly a dozen steam engines, four Alco RS-2's would easily suffice.

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