Locomotives of The Blue Ridge Railway                               

     Number Three had this distinctive BR logo on her cab, just forward of the side windows.

   Number Three, a beautiful 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler is shown here in October, 1940 at Anderson, SC. August Thieme photograph.

     Number Four, another 4-6-0, sits at Hayne Shop in this painfully sad photograph of the scrap line in November, 1947. Her headlight and bell have already been removed. Note the "Blue Ridge" lettering on the cab.

   Number Six sits in Belton, SC in April of 1938. Photo  by H.C. Dubal, John Burn collection.

     A beautiful picture of locomotive #408, one of the rarer 2-8-0's on the Blue Ridge Railway. This photo was snapped from the back of a passing train in September, 1935. John Burn collection.

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